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Peace of mind, along with proper medical care is important for your recovery. The courteous staff of BCH/SMFM is concerned about your physical health as well as your financial well-being. Our Patient Financial Counselor is available to discuss registration and billing procedures, to guide you through the process, and to advocate for you.

We recognize medical expenses are often large, unplanned and create additional stress at a time when your primary concern is health rather than financial issues. It is our goal to help all we can to assist in this matter.

You as a patient, a guardian, or parent of a patient, have a right to a full explanation of charges for hospital services. You also have a responsibility for ensuring payment for services received.

Thank You

Thank you, for choosing Benewah Community Hospital/St. Maries Family Medicine as your healthcare provider. We recognize the complexity of healthcare billing processes and payment methods. We have prepared this information to explain our financial policies and billing procedures to assist you.

Please direct your comments or questions to our Patient Financial Services Departments. For Hospital questions please call 208-245-5551. For Clinic questions 208-245-2591.

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