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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Our Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Department provides injury prevention and treatment services for athletes of all ages and ability levels. Our Sports Medicine team offers injury evaluation and treatment and directed rehabilitation that prepare athletes to return to competition in their chosen sport or activity.

Steve has worked in the field of athletic training and sports medicine for nearly three decades, with experience in hospitals, physical therapy clinics, high schools, universities, and pro sports. He has lived in northern Idaho for about 10 years.

Steve has a Bachelor’s in Physical Education and Athletic Training and a Master’s Degree in Sports Sciences with an emphasis on Athletic Training. He is certified by the National Athletic Trainers Association and licensed by the Idaho State Board of Medicine. He is experienced in the field of Sports Medicine, having worked in the healthcare setting for 23 years. He was an athletic trainer for the Chicago White Sox and Tampa Bay Devil Rays where he oversaw the care and prevention of injuries and he provided strengthening and conditioning for professional athletes. Steve has been an athletic trainer for multiple high schools and he built and managed athletic training programs. He is a certified BLS Instructor through the American Heart Association.

Continuing education includes:
* ATC's Guide to Impact Testing/Concussion Management
* Northwest Athletic Trainers Meeting, District 10
* Idaho Athletic Trainer's Association Summer Conference
* National Federation of High Schools - Concussion in Sports, What You Need to Know
* Idaho State University - Know Concussion, Know the Symptoms, Know the Facts

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