2017 Employee & Provider of the Year

Two Benewah Community Hospital employees were honored this month as provider of the year and employee of the year.

Dr. Terry Davenport, of St. Maries Family Medicine, was named provider of the year.

Polly Grasham, who is the materials manager, was named employee of the year.

With 19 years’ service to BCH, Dr. Davenport said he continues to enjoy working at the facility. He said he was very surprised to be selected for the recognition.

“It was a pleasant surprise, and I was very honored,” he said. “This is a great hospital and a great staff that is very patient-centered. We have good cooperation among the nursing staff and the physicians usually get along well with administration.”

Dr. Davenport said the patients he’s seen over the years are like family. He added, “people do really appreciate the care they get here.”

Mrs. Grasham has worked at the facility for five years and said she was equally surprised and honored by the recognition. She stepped into Judy Bailey’s position after she retired.

“She worked here for 42 years and I thought how will I ever know everything that she knew, but I got to work with her for a year before she retired and have enjoyed it since,” Mrs. Grasham said.

As part of her position, Mrs. Grasham purchases everything from air filters to orthopedic implants to Band-Aids.

“I try to find products with the best quality and price,” she said.

She added she enjoys working with the rest of the staff at the hospital and making sure she does the best she can.

“I think we are all aligned in our mission to provide excellent and quality care to patients,” Mrs. Grasham said. “We work together to achieve that.”

By Summer Williams The Gazette Record