BCH Raises 2,523.2 Pounds of Food for Local Food Banks

BCH is proud to announce that we raised 2,523.2 pounds of food to be donated to the St. Maries and Upriver Food Banks! Our Staff, Medical Staff, and Board Members really stepped up to give back to our community!

Every year, St. Maries High School has a rivalry event with Kellogg High School, “Brawl for the Ball.” As a part of this event, the communities have a food drive competition to see who can raise the most food for their community’s food bank. BCH was asked to participate this year and challenged Valley Vista Care Center to see who could raise the most food for the food bank. BCH beat Valley Vista in this challenge raising 2,523.2 pounds of food. BCH thanks Valley Vista for accepting our challenge and for raising over 2,000 pounds of food as well!

Once again, our community proves to be amazing! St. Maries High School reported that our community raised over 20,000 pounds of food for the local food banks! Unfortunately, St. Maries did lose this competition to Kellogg, as they raised over 22,000 pounds for their food bank. Two communities gained an amazing benefit from this rivalry event!

BCH supports our Community and our Schools. GO LUMBERJACKS!