Experts around, 24 hours a day. That’s a big thing!

“Last week I accompanied my 4 year old Grandson to your Emergency Department. Like so many kids in the region he had the Flu and like many parents in the region, his parents were worried that they may not be doing enough. I believe they had been receiving excellent guidance from Dr. Davenport regarding his care but wanted some “hands on” confirmation when his condition seemed to worsen after hours. 

I was so impressed with how smooth their intake and assessment went. It was shift change but your staff handoff’s seemed seamless. All staff (forgive me I don’t recall all names) were sensitive to parents and grandparents and most of all, treated this 4 year old patient in a manner that I believe you would approve of. In the same manner you have treated pediatric patients for many years. Dr. Moullet provided excellent support to the grown-ups in the room while keeping a keen eye on my grandson. His calming style and understandable information were very reassuring to Mom…. And by extension to grandparents as well.  

He is off the couch now and is on to more typical 4 year old activities. I believe the Emergency Department visit helped bolster his parents’ confidence, and left them with the feeling that there are experts around, 24 hours a day. That’s a big thing!

Please share our thanks to the ED Staff. It may have been a very simple visit to them but a very important one to the family. Also, please share with the staff responsible for keeping the Department clean and sparkling – very impressive!”

Kind Regards.