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Pain Management Provider Joins BCH Specialty Clinic Dr. J. Sorin Ispirescu of Idaho Pain Clinic will begin seeing patients at Benewah Community Hospital in our Specialty Clinic to enable both organizations to provide exceptional pain management care for patients in St. Maries and the surrounding communities. Together, Idaho Pain Clinic and Benewah Community Hospital are dedicated to a very personalized and comprehensive approach to providing the most effective relief for chronic and acute forms of pain. Interventional Pain Specialist J. Sorin Ispirescu, MD of Idaho Pain Clinic specializes in treatment options including stem cell therapy, steroid injections, nerve blocks, platelet rich plasma treatments, trigger point injections, spinal cord stimulation and botox. These latest advancements in procedures oftentimes help patients avoid major surgery, long-term medication management and provide relief from debilitating pain caused by injury, cancer, or arthritis. Dr. Ispirescu is passionate about helping his patients experience relief from pain and improve quality of life. He addresses the patients’ needs on an individual basis, assessing lifestyle and incorporating a combination of therapies with a holistic approach, treating the whole person. “We are pleased and proud to be working with Benewah Community Hospital to provide state of the art comprehensive pain management services with the utmost care and compassion.” said Dr. J. Sorin Ispirescu. “By aligning the expertise of Idaho Pain Clinic with the impressive facility and infrastructure of Benewah Community Hospital, we are now able to provide the very best pain management care to the St. Maries community.” St. Maries residents seeking relief from chronic back, neck, arthritic or cancer pain can schedule an appointment with Dr. J. Sorin Ispirescu by calling (208) 263-9757. About Idaho Pain Clinic Idaho Pain Clinic is the premier pain management group in the Inland Northwest. Idaho Pain Clinic has locations in Sandpoint, ID, Deer Park and Newport, WA, and now St. Maries, ID. Dr. J. Sorin Ispirescu is dual board certified in Pain Management and Anesthesiology. He earned his doctorate of medicine in 1999 at Loma Linda University, School of Medicine. His residency and fellowship training took place alongside top experts in the field of medicine at University of California at San Diego. After having his own practice in El Centro, CA, he relocated to Sandpoint, ID in 2010. As founder of Idaho Pain Clinic and co-founder of Pain Clinic of Spokane, he began serving the Inland Northwest and has now partnered with Pinnacle Pain Center and Lynx Healthcare. For more information on services offered, please visit About Benewah Community Hospital Benewah Community Hospital has provided services to the area for over 50 years. Recognizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle, the providers and staff of Benewah Community Hospital focus on preventative healthcare and offer a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services. Benewah Community Hospital is staffed with 3 Family Practice Providers, 5 Emergency Medicine Providers, 2 General Surgeons, 1 Orthopedic Surgeon, 1 Podiatrist, and employs one Physician’s Assistant and Family Nurse Practitioner. The Specialty Clinic offers a wide array of visiting Physicians and includes Cardiology, Nephrology, Oncology, OBGYN, ENT, Neurosurgery, and welcomes Pain Management. Visiting Surgeons include a Pediatric Dental Surgeon and an Ophthalmologist. By having all of these services, located in the small, rural town of St. Maries, Idaho, BCH is able to meet their mission statement: “Providing Excellence in Healthcare and Wellness Services.” For more information on services offered, please visit /our-services/

Pain Management Provider Joins BCH Specialty Clinic

Pain Management Provider Joins BCH Specialty Clinic Dr. J.…
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