Annual Wellness Clinic

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

Friday, November 3rd

Call to Schedule your Annual Wellness Visit!

St. Maries Family Medicine 208-245-2591

Call to schedule your appointment. Our Medicare Counselor will be onsite during this event to answer questions about your Medicare. Refreshments will be served!


Covered Services

During your Annual Wellness Visit (AWV), your Primary Care Provider will:

  • Check your height, weight, blood pressure
  • Complete questionnaire about your health status, injury risks, behavioral risks, and health needs
  • Update your medical and family history
  • Update list of current medications, providers, durable medical equipment suppliers, etc.
  • Screen for depression
  • Screen for cognitive issues
  • Provide health advice and referrals to health education and/or preventive counseling services aimed at reducing identified risk factors and promoting wellness


Eligibility and Cost

  • Medicare Part B and Medicare Advantage Plans cover an Annual Wellness Visit if you have had part B for over 12-months and you have not received a wellness visit in the past 12-months.
  • If you qualify, Medicare covers the Annual Wellness visit at 100%.


During your visit, your Provider may discover a new problem that needs cared for. This additional care is considered diagnostic, meaning your provider is treating you because of certain symptoms or risk factors. Medicare may bill you for any diagnostic care you receive during a preventative visit – or your provider may suggest an additional appointment be made for the future.